NASA launches unmanned lunar probes, misses and hits Leweni

21 06 2009


moonNASA launched its first moon shot in a decade, sending up a pair of unmanned science probes to help determine where astronauts could touch down and set up camp in years to come.

Unfortunately, the probes missed and one landed on chief regime propagandist Neumi Leweni.

The incident has clearly frustrated NASA officials, who will now sue Mr Leweni for getting in the way.

This is the second time in a week that Mr Leweni has been hit by a space-based object, leading to speculation that he is just seeking attention.

A week ago a tiny meteorite bounced off Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama and had to be extracted from Mr Leweni using invasive techniques normally reserved for alien movies.

This time doctors have advised against removing the probe because of the depth with which it has penetrated a part of the anatomy usually dominated by the buttocks.

The $1.215 million NASA mission was the first step in the space agency’s efforts to return humans to the moon by 2020.

One probe was supposed to enter into an orbit around the moon for a mapping mission. The other would have swung past and gone into an elongated orbit around Earth that would have put it on course to crash into a crater at the moon’s south pole.

But a glitch in NASA’s telemetry equipment meant that the deep-impact probe found the wrong south pole. As a result, Mr Leweni has a new crater.




One response

22 06 2009
Robin Hood

Its possible Mr Leweni’s crater was magnetised in order to ensure that the probe crash landed in Fiji.

I had heard rumours that the Fiji Military had been developing some kind of new Star Wars technology to intercept NASA Probes so that they can sell it on ebay.

Mr Leweni must have volunteered as a test subject. I doubt however he expected the probe would actually crash land in his crater?

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