about fiji funcensored 4.5

MEDIA censorship in Fiji has meant that any news that gives the regime a bad name cannot be printed or aired.

This is because the regime feels it does not need the media’s help to screw up its reputation – it can do that all on its own.

But as newspapers get thinner and news bulletins get shorter, we have decided to make up our own.

Fiji Funcensored 4.5 is a group of professionals who may or may not work in the media industry. Alternatively, it may just be one person with multiple personalities who is part of the regime.

We shall see once the medication kicks in.

It is a website which shamelessly rides on the respectability of that other site, Fiji Uncensored, whose acronym FU may just be directed at government censors. It will also exploit Coup Four Point Five’s good name.

We do not know if the latter’s acronym caries any subliminal message. But neither websites have anything to do with Fiji Funcensored 4.5.

If those who run those websites feel we are in breach of their copyright, they can sue us.

They can also serve us with a cease and desist order and we will take the only respectable step available to us – we will ignore them.

This website will offer rich and compelling content about Fiji, although most of it will be made up.


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